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COVID-19 Loss of Smell Symptom Test

Easy-to-use test for loss of smell (Anosmia) identifies a key early symptom of COVID-19 infection in otherwise Asymptomatic carriers.

Loss of Smell COVID Test

Why Screen for Loss of Smell?

  • For COVID-19 patients, loss of smell is 10 times more prevalent than fever or cough.
  • Loss of smell is often the only or first symptom for many asymptomatic carriers.
  • Up to 80% of COVID-19 carriers complain of loss of smell.

For less than 70 cents a test, Optimist Screening is a cost-effective method to reduce transmission risks in your workplace or school. 

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Optimist Screening requires no medical training to administer and just seconds to produce results. Optimist utilizes pharmaceutical-grade metered dose components and dry-spray technology to dispense precise volumes of commonly recognized odorants onto a disposable test sheet.

Optimist Loss of Smell Spray


Each kit comes with 560 dry spray test sheets, and 3 unique scents per kit, like orange, mint, and garlic to enable confirmation. The testing is simple and contactless, the administrator of the test simply asks the test subject to smell and identify the odor on the test sheet. 

Loss of Smell Test Strip


The test is as simple as asking test subjects to identify the odor on the sheet. Individuals who don't smell any odor have loss of smell (Ansomia) and can be directed to isolate from others and seek confirmative lab testing for COVID-19. 

Confirm Loss of Smell

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Who Should Use Loss of Smell Screening? 

Loss of smell testing is a fast, cost-effective screening strategy that can be deployed to help identify otherwise asymptomatic individuals and isolate them for clinical follow-up. Use any place that large groups gather including:  corporate worksites, schools, warehouses, manufacturing plants, places of worship, gyms, retail stores, airports, sporting events, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and more. Healthcare IT Leaders is a preferred distributor of Optimist Screening for corporate buyers.


During this pandemic, maintaining morale and productivity is an enormous challenge. Implementing an additional Return-to-Work (RTW) safety initiative, developed in response to the latest scientific data, will signal to staff that the well being of employees and their families is a high priority. It will also protect productivity and revenue by helping to identify potentially infected staff earlier and possibly reducing others from being exposed.

Knowing that everyone in the building has been through up to date screening protocols will engender a new level of confidence for all who enter.

Restaurants and Retail

Fever screens used by many small businesses are ineffective for identifying otherwise asymptomatic individuals. That's why restaurants and retail stores should consider loss of smell testing. For re-opening or maintaining retail operations, protecting employees and customers is important. A brand that can promote the fact that each of its employees are screened at frequent intervals for early symptoms using a loss of smell tool will give customers a boost in confidence. Since Optimist COVID-19 Screening is extremely low cost and requires no special training or staffing, it also protects the bottom line.


For schools to open, instilling confidence among parents and teachers is key.  A temperature reading is not the optimal symptom check for early flagging of the Covid 19 in a school or university setting, as it does not identify Asymptomatic carriers. Additional screening protocols which help identify Asymptomatic carriers based on scientific evidence can make a big difference in helping everyone, especially those within the intellectual rigors of an academic setting, feel safer. The low cost and easy implementation of Optimist COVID-19 Screening makes rapid adoption possible for resource-strapped, taxpayer-funded organizations.

Gyms and Athletics

Coaches, ADs, Commissioners and staff face unique challenges keeping athletes safe during the pandemic. The same is true for gym owners, trainers and others in the fitness industry.  Loss of smell testing is a front-line screening tool that offers the benefits of affordability and speed, compared to other methods.

Optimist Testing is not an alternative to COVID-19 lab based testing. But identifying otherwise Asymptomatic individuals with loss of smell can help mitigate health risks for college and professionals sports teams, stadiums and gym settings. 


In locations with potentially higher transmission and fatality rates, the earliest possible indication of symptoms is exponentially more important.

Anosmia symptoms can become present 1 to 8 days prior to fever or coughing. That means quarantining can begin 1 to 8 days earlier.

Try to imagine how many other patients, visitors and staff would have been exposed during that time? Because Optimist COVID-19 Screening is cost effective, simple to execute and easily scalable, it can be integrated into facility operations quickly.

Travel and Hospitality

From airlines to hotels and convention centers, traditional travel and hospitality sectors have been hard hit because of COVID-19 risks and uncertainty. Incidents of virus spread in hotel settings or on airplanes or cruise ships are often linked to Asymptomatic carriers.

The return to more normalized business in these industries will require screening and testing that increases confidence among the traveling public. Loss of Smell testing with Optimist Screening can be implemented inexpensively as part of a larger return to work strategy that puts the health and safety of passengers, travelers and employees first. 

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