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Uncover the Key Steps to Achieve a Successful Migration to Pro WFM

UKG's End of Life announcement for Workforce Central means WFC clients must decide when and how to migrate to UKG Pro Workforce Management. 

Our comprehensive guide offers invaluable assistance to simplify the migration process for WFC clients transitioning to Pro WFM. 

Healthcare IT Leaders is a top UKG consulting partner named the UKG Innovator of the Year. Our free guide includes:

👉  Step-by-step instructions, from project scoping through post-migration support

👉  A checklist of essential client roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth migration process

👉  Expert tips to avoid common pitfalls associated with the transition from Workforce Central

Our guide is ideal for C-suite, IT, HR, Finance, and Supply Chain executives, and anyone responsible for HCM oversight at your organization.


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